6th Graders are Poets!

6th Grader Poetry

Teacher: Ms. Megan O’Hare

We are excited to present some of the poetry

of our 6th Graders!

Do You Remember?

By: Anonymous 6th Grader

Do you remember?

Yeah, I remember

I remember when we were kids who never frowned

We would all play together on the playground

I remember when we were care free

And when darkness came we’d never flee

I remember when we all had a say

We never played roles others told us to portray

I remember when there was no such thing as fright

I wasn’t scared of what creatures wandered the night

I remember that good old life

When all that surrounded us was light

Now all I can remember is feeling betrayed

And how much I’m wanting that feeling to fade

Now all I do is follow their rules


I don’t want to be bullied in school

All I want to do is shout

but I can’t

Not with this mask

over my mouth

Now I remember I have to act “cool”

Cause if not, I’ll be seen as a fool

So instead of shaking and needing to surrender

I smile when someone says

“Do you remember?”

It’s My People

By: Anonymous 6th Grader

WheeOoh! WheeOoh!

All I hear is sirens

Knowing it’s the police

Taking control of my people

Everyday I have to wake up

Scared to leave my own home

Cause I know when I walk on the streets

What I am going to see

One of my black brothers saying, ”I can’t breathe,”

One of my black sisters gone, while she was sleeping

Might see the police breaking,

And shooting in the wrong apartment

It is hard to see them bleed,

But at least they’ve been freed

Am I Good Enough?

By Anonymous 6th Grader

As you sit down

Thinking to yourself

Am I good enough?

Will I ever be good enough?

Body Shaming and Bullying

Is this the world we created?

Hate and Fear

Problems amongst Problems

And still you wonder

Am I good enough?

Society is our greatest enemy

Society is our biggest threat

But there isn't any need to fret

Because there is a special door,

Where your heart can be restored.

Even though it appears to be locked

As we ask ourselves these questions

Am I good enough?

Will I ever be?

We sabotage ourselves

When all we need is a key

Self Love is the key

To the door which can restore.

The American Flag

By: Anonymous 6th Grader

War, fighting, everywhere

And just the other day we had to bury

Henry Ware

He was a strong soldier

So many people crying in the heavy air

I am the American Flag

I am given to the soldiers family

In memory of the soldiers calamity

They store me as their most prized possession

Because it was sad ending of their child's session

Why am I being folded

I’m stuck here being molded and eroded

I getting very cold and

Decades later the old hands

Give me to new hands

Then I’m buried in the low land

I am the American Flag

I am something very few Americans have

I am here for any family

I am the American Flag!

Getting Over It

By: Anonymous 6th Grader

Learning is a power

Your imagination stacks

Like a tower.

Pain is the best teacher

But the worst friend

You feel like a believer

But you’re a small creature

About to get crushed.

You are filled with dreams

Until they all turn to dust,

But you get back up

There is a little stump

You can't get over

You become a learner

And you realize it’s just a clover.

Like a leaf you step over

Getting past life problems

With ease

And you start to feel

That it’s just a little breeze

Getting knocked down

And you seize

The last moment

You defeated your opponent.

You are worth everything

Life provides,

Obstacles are life problems

They are columns

That knock you down

Always focus on the present

Experience what life offers

Live in the moment.

You have a good life

Ahead of you

You can get through

Everything that gets thrown

To whom,


Out of Reach

By: Anonymous 6th Grader

Have you ever been in a dream?

Sitting at a table

With a drink and food in front of your face

You are talking and laughing with nothing to trace

Then you grab your drink and you finally realize…

It doesn't work…

Grey skies, Stormy nights

Are always here

But my freedom


That’s never near

Everytime I try, my confidence is high

But an obstacle comes

And ruins all the fun

Climbing a mountain is great at the start

Till every little thing starts falling apart

You drop your bag and watch everything go

Knowing you have to restart the show

When a person says “reach for the stars”

You go and do that

You stretch out your arm

Attempting to grab, arms breaking

But you keep going even though your body’s aching

If you reach for what you want

You may not always get it

But as long as you tried your best

You will always win

My Thoughts, My Actions, My Future

Anonymous 6th Grader

I have as many questions, actions, thoughts of my future,

as leaves on a fully grown tree.

What does my dad think of me?

What does my sister think of me?

What do my classmates think of me?

Heck, do they even think about me?

Everyday I worry about a whole bunch of things.

Like how is my family doing?

Am I a good person?

What am I going to do with my life?

What am I going to do for a living?

Everyday I regret what I have done.

I have made people sad,

I have hurt others’ feelings,

Have I ever been racist?

Am I who I think I am?

Am I the same person who I thought will find success?

Am I the same kind person that I think I am?

Am I the same person to make people happy?

Am I still Me?

Know all of these thoughts are in my head,

instead of financial advice.

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