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Thank you Founders!

Thank you for your relentless dedication!

Yuliana Quintero

Yuliana Quintero 

Founding Director of Finance & Operations

Yuliana uprooted herself from San Francisco back to New Orleans to found Laureate in 2015. She worked relentlessly to create the foundation of Laureate's operational and financial systems. Hundreds of scholars and families have been impacted by her work.


Farewell Letter from Ms. Quintero 

Years of Service:
February 2015- February 2021

Click here to see Ms. Quintero's farewell letter 


Karyn Louritt 

Founding Kindergarten Teacher & Founding Dean of Culture

Ms. Louritt moved to New Orleans to found Laureate in 2015. She has deeply impacted Laureate's community through her work as a teacher, Dean of Culture, and Operations Assistant.

Thank you Founders!: Staff
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Farewell Letter from Ms. Louritt

Years of Service: 
June 2015-January 2021

Click here ​to see Ms. Louritt's farewell letter 

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Bill Aaron: Former Board Chair 

Years of Service:

Thank you for your amazing dedication!


We appreciate the service of all former staff members and board members.

Thank you for believing in Laureate & dedicating part of your life to us!

Our scholars are better because of you!

Thank you Founders!: Staff
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