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Celebrating Black History

Black History is American History

At Laureate we firmly believe in teaching and celebrating black history. Black history is American history, thus we want to ensure all scholars, regardless of demographic have a clear understanding of the history of our country and the world. Every January & February we celebrate Black History Month!

Celebrating Local Black Artists

In 2021, Laureate is celebrating local Blacks artists who are modeling how to fully express oneself. Check out some art at  

We have purchased and displayed art from the following local artists this year: 

Jessica Strahan

Queen Hope Parker

Jeremy Paten

Sean Clark 

Patrick Henry

Jamell Tate

Marcus Akinlana

Jessica Strahan-9034_FR_©ericjnunez for

Highlighting Black Community Members 

Click here to see the amazing talents and skills of some of our Black community members. 

Learning Black History 

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