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Laureate is accepting applications for our waiting list
Lottery Guidelines

Enrollment Details 

Overview of the Process

As an open-enrollment charter school we follow Louisiana law regarding our enrollment process. We enroll scholars in the following order: 

1) Currently enrolled scholars are able to re-enroll

2) Children of staff who live in Jefferson Parish are enrolled for any remaining seats

3) Siblings of currently enrolled scholars are enrolled for any remaining seats

4) A randomized lottery is conducted with all applicants to fill all other available seats. 



Laureate is a public charter school. We don't charge tuition & believe all public schools should provide the highest quality education.



Laureate is open to all students who live in Jefferson Parish. We do not have an entry exam.


Application Required

Laureate, as a charter school, requires all new students to apply. If there are more applications than available seats, a randomized lottery will be conducted.


Lottery Procedures 

Read them here 

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