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Summer School 2024

Overview of Programming

  • Due to the importance of reading on grade level, Laureate will use the summer of 2024 to focus on providing high quality reading instruction to scholars who are identified as below grade level in reading. 

Scholars will be required to attend based on the criteria below. 

  • Kindergarten - 3rd grade: Scoring “Well Below Benchmark” 

  • Kindergarten - 7th grade: Scoring in the 1st-19th percentile in ELA 

  • Kindergarten - 8th grade: Scoring a 70% or less in 2-3 quarters in ELA 

  • Scholars will be assigned to small “pods”. Generally pods will be between 8-12 students. Pods will be limited to 15 students maximum. 

  • A tutor will be assigned to each pod. Tutors may be current Laureate staff or external tutors in which Laureate hires for the summer. Tutors will be trained in the “Science of Reading”.

  • Scholars are required to attend at least 14 days or they may be retained in their current grade level for the 2024-2025 school year. 

  • Scholars may be retained if they are not proficient in reading by the end of the summer school session. 


Attendance and Punctuality

Scholars must attend class every day. 

Doors will close at 7:59. Scholars will not be accepted after 7:59AM. 

Scholars must be picked up between 11:30-11:50AM. 

Scholars who are picked up after 11:50AM will be charged $1.00 per minute. 

Early check-outs are not permitted for any reason unless Laureate Academy requires the scholar to be picked up. 



  • Bus service of van service will be provided for families who completed the required form by June 1, 2024. 



Gray shirt (Writing and pictures must be appropriate for school; Scholars will required to turn their shirts inside out if they are not appropriate) 

Athletic shorts (Must be at least mid-thigh) 

Closed toe athletic shoes 

Screenshot 2024-01-15 at 7.45.11 PM.jpeg


Google Classroom will be used to post assignments

Families must access Google Classroom for all assignments



  • Will scholars have recess? Yes! Scholars will  have 15-30 minutes between tutoring sessions to play outside. 

  • Will my scholar's IEP or 504 be followed? Yes!

  • I have questions. Who do I ask? Your scholar's assigned tutor can support you, but always feel free to email for a faster response. 

  • Where can I see my scholar's grades? SchoolRunner 


Required Dates

June 10th-13th

(Campus closed June 14th in observance of Juneteenth)

June 17th-21st

June 24th-28th

July 1st-2nd


Summer School Staff

Principal: Claire Heckerman-Whitehead

Operations: Rob Young


Tyaishia Campbell, 

Tyche' Crockett 

Janyce Hall

Sasa Middleton 

Elena Newby



Breakfast will be provided daily. 

Snacks will be provided daily. 

Lunch will not be provided due to scholars ending summer school prior to lunchtime. 

Scholars are encouraged to bring their own breakfast and snack. 

Food must be nutritious.

Junk food or candy are NOT permitted and will be thrown away if seen. 


School Supplies 

Scholars must carry a MESH OR CLEAR backpack with them daily.

No other bags will be permitted. 

Scholars must bring the following with them daily 

Backpacks must be clear or mesh. 

2 notebooks 

2 pencils

A 2 inch, 3 ring binder 

2-4 books that can be read independently


Communication with Families:

Tutors will call all families within their pods prior to the first day of summer school. 

Tutors will call families to give an update at least once a week 

Tutors will update grades via SchoolRunner 

Tutors are required to call families if a behavioral issue occurred that disrupted learning. 

All general questions should be sent to 

Other forms of communication may not be responded to due to our summer hours.

Screenshot 2023-06-07 at 10.50.29 PM.png

Academic Resources & Guidance

  • Read with your child EVERY DAY! 

  • Use real books (not iPads or digital books) 

  • Create a space that has minimal distractions as a reading space 

  • Decrease or eliminate technology (specifically phone and iPad use) and have reading time instead! 


  • Readworks

  • Reading A to Z

  • Lexia Core 5 

  • Lexia Power Up 

  • Letter Names and Sounds Video 

  • Decoding 

  • Fluency 

  • Reading Comprehension 

  • High frequency words

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